BBC Children in Need

A complete UX overhaul of the donation platform.

Project type: Agile

Based on a body of primary and secondary research. Our best-in-class journey provided a simple and intuitive experience, driving donations.


We needed to ensure that navigating — and choosing between — the array of donation types and payment options was as understandable and frictionless as possible.

As the work evolved, we negotiated the balance between idealistic sizing and spacing (e.g. obvious type hierarchy and adhering to the law of proximity) and a design focused enough to give screen prominence to priority content.


Combining sub-campaigns and other forms of fundraising, this 2019 appeal raised £47.8 million for the charity. The robust online donation platform played a significant part of this before, during and after the night of the telethon.

Process and output

As part of a high-intensity, agile project, I produced:

  • Research: references to primary and secondary sources, informing our approach
  • Wireframes
  • High-fidelity mockups
  • Interactive InVision prototype
  • Front-end consultation