Mission Statement: 2018

That’s shit!

As a designer, some of the best feedback I ever received was “that’s shit!”.

Sometimes it was said in jest. Sometimes the provider meant it.

Sometimes they were right. Sometimes they were wrong.

Either way, the default assumption that I might have missed something, or I could do better, is a healthy one. It kept me on my toes, eager to push myself as hard as possible, hungry to develop new ways of finding a solution.

A thick skin

It also helped me develop a thick skin. Crucial for a designer. A good designer needs to be able hear a user, client or colleague tear their work to shreds, and have the ability to calmly explain the thinking, the process, or simply why it’s great - not 'shit'.

Sometimes these exchanges are amicable, sometimes heated. But, without fail, they lead to a better outcome. The difficult path, negotiating compromise between stakeholders, almost always helps ensure a design is catering to the right people, issues and requirements.

Our duty

It’s our duty to be expert negotiators. Ambassadors for an open, flexible and well-explained process.

So, next time you glance at my screen, tell me my work is shit! I’ll be ready.


I've been lucky enough to work with, and for, some great organisations:

  • NHS
  • Co-op
  • BBC Children in Need
  • Parkinson's UK
  • University of Manchester
  • NBC Universal
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